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Would you like to

bring a short term team

to Bluefields?

Church Teams


Project Teams

Do you have a desire to minister among diverse cultures in the nations?  

Here in Bluefields you will have that opportunity!

What will i encounter in Bluefields?

  • 6 distinct cultures with roots from Africa, England, Spain, and Indigenous Nicaragua.  

  • 7 different languages including Spanish, English, Creol, Rama, Mískito, Sumo, & Garífuna.  

  • A tropical waterfront city 

What Opportunities For Service Will our team Have at ywam Bluefields?

  • Providing Bibles to low income families that don’t have one

  • Training and discipleship of local Nicaraguan Youth  

  • Sports Ministry  

  • Boat ministry to evangelize and serve small communities surrounding the area

  • Children’s ministry in one of the poorest communities in all of the American continent (average income is less than $1 a day)  

  • Construction Projects  

  • Farming/gardening Projects  

  • Biblical seminars to equip and train local believers

  • Does your team have a specific focus?  Contact us for more info how we can work together!

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