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Bible School For The Nations (BSN)

Bringing freedom and transformation to the nations through the Word of God 

Bible discussion group

Bible School for the Nations

The Bible School for the Nations (BSN) is an adventure designed to deepen and internalize both the Old and New Testaments with the purpose of knowing the heart of God. The BSN will take you through a chronological study of the Word of God to discover His hand, His purpose, and redeeming heart throughout history. You will discover Biblical principles for Christian life, leadership, civil government, the economy, the family, and others areas in order to continue progressing in being collaborators with God to bring freedom and transformation to the nations through the Word of God.

This is a course for those who want:

  • Deeper understanding of the full message of the Bible

  • Receive training to disciple nations effectively

  • Develop tools for a life of Bible study

  • Learn how to apply the Bible in every sphere of society

  • Communicate Biblical truths effectively

Woman with Bible

Lecture Phase Duration:

15 weeks


During this time you will learn to study the Bible inductively and you will receive the hermeneutical tools to correctly approach the scriptures by understanding them in their immediate cultural, historical & grammatical context. You will have the opportunity to study the 66 books of the Bible chronologically. You will also have various opportunities to strengthen your communication skills and become a more creative and convicting speaker.


All students will be trained to teach topics, classes, and weeks of the BELT (Biblical Education & Leadership Training) seminar.

Family Head

Practical phase Duration: 8 weeks


During your practical phase, you will have the opportunity to share the message of redemption in a unique way.


Students will conduct Bible seminars to different audiences in different cross-cultural settings, especially in areas where access to the Bible is scarce.


All of this is done with the focus of strengthening and building leadership and teaching skills in the student so they can continue the advancement of the great commission.


* The Practical phase (Outreach) is mandatory

About our Schools

All of our Training courses are accredited by the University of the Nations (UofN), and are taught by international teachers who have vast experience and are members of our organization. Our campus in Bluefields, Nicaragua is part of the 550 locations of the University of the Nations worldwide.

Our Father created you to be part of something bigger and do things that you've never imagined…

don’t miss out on it!

Bible School For The Nations

Next School: 2023

*Required Prerequisites: DTS (Discipleship Training School)
(DSP 211) & (DSP 212)

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