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Discipleship Training School

Come grow in your relationship with God and your ability to make Him known!

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Grow in intimacy with God, discover more of your purpose in Him, and put your faith into action.


The YWAM DTS in Bluefields will help you to develop your influence and abilities for leadership so you can be transformed and then bring transformation to your family, friends, college, workplace, city, nation and the world. If you’ve ever considered stepping out of the "normal life" and choosing a life of adventure with God then you’ve come to the right place.


Our DTS schools at YWAM Bluefields, Nicaragua are 5-month long, intensive Discipleship Training programs designed for you to be able to Know God and Make Him Known. You are invited to join our family and to live alongside people from all walks of life that have come here for the same reason – to see God glorified in our lives and in the nations. Come spend 3 months on our campus, learning and growing in your relationship with God and partaking in missionary training. Then, hit the road for 2 more months traveling around other parts of Nicaragua and the world to put your training into practice.


During your DTS you’ll have the opportunity to develop your character for leadership . Our vision is to see a new wave of missionaries from Bluefields and the Nations be empowered to live a life with character, vision and purpose and have a heart to see others to achieved their potential in the purpose of the Lord for their lives. Your DTS outreaches are strategically planned to directly tie in with achieving this vision.


The DTS is not just about developing head knowledge but instead heart knowledge as you grow closer to God. The DTS is a great opportunity to get away from the noise, comfort zone, and distractions of life and set aside time to consider your calling and engage with God’s heart for you and the world around you. Leadership start in our hearts not in our minds.


In addition to the foundational classes of the DTS,
this DTS offers a focus in developing leaders who lead like Jesus.

Next School: July 26, 2023


In addition to the foundational classes of the DTS,
this DTS offers a focus in understanding how to minister to the unreached.

Next School: 2024

About our Schools

All our Training courses are accredited by the University of the Nations (UofN) with international teachers who are members of our organization and with vast experience. Our campus in Bluefields, Nicaragua is part of the 550 locations of the University of the Nations worldwide.

Our Father created you to be part of something bigger and do things that you've never imagined…

don’t miss out on it!

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